About Me

KYRA sounds like KEAR-a. Think pyramid, without the mid. 

I was raised in Alaska and took off for sunny St. George, Utah the Fall after high school with scholarship in hand. After a year there I felt strongly that I needed to transfer to the LDS Business College the following year, despite the lack of a dental hygiene program or it fitting into any part of my plan. Which, is usually the start of a great love story. At least, all of my favorites.

Our Story

Landon and I met in Salt Lake City, the day after I’d coincidentally walked into church late with his sister Avery. He was less of an adventure loving man then and in more of a musician phase. I didn’t mind at all. We fell in love at University of Utah football games, drives in his VW Jetta, conference weekends, dollar movies, walks in the snow with hot chocolate, and trips home to California to visit his family.

We spent our first year as newlyweds right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City in a sweet little apartment building built in the 1900's that lacked a garbage disposal, any counter space to speak of, closet space or a reasonable amount of outlets. 


We are now a family of 4, parents to two sweet daughters. Paityn + Hudson. 

We're back in Utah and absolutely loving it.

I share the good, with the hope that it'll encourage to to find the good in your life. I hope a post here or there inspires you to keep working to find your best self and to go 

I blog about my thoughts and experiences through marriage, motherhood and life. I document some of our adventures and favorite hikes, while also focusing on other aspects of health like weight lifting and counting macros.

From time to time I share my favorite products or things. Some products on this blog may be gifted and will be noted with a c/o at the bottom of the post. You can trust that all opinions are my own & products are only endorsed if they are things I truly love. If I don't love it, you won't see it here. Promise.