North Ogden in the Spring

Lately I've been waking up and looking out our bedroom window how the heck I got to be a resident of North Ogden. Though it feels a little random to be here, we keep working to love where we live.

North Ogden, you're pretty dang cute.

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Logan, UT

Not pictured: eating our way through Logan on our spur of the moment Saturday / Sunday quick trip to Logan, UT. The stop at Spudnuts, a potato based donut shop ended up being just okay in my book but DANG would I return to Logan just for another nutella / strawberry crepe at The Crepery on Center St. Also running into old friends of Landon's at the random ward we dropped in on, on Sunday, and Paityn beginning to drive through the cemetary so that we could read her all the names. // I love this weird family of ours.