18 Goals for 2018


2018 Goals


Serve in all 17 UT temples this year

Read a gospel themed book a month

Camping Trip 1x a month

Gain 25lbs total with this pregnancy (finish strong!)

Breastfeed Remi all year

Jeans > Leggings (after living in my aligns all pregnancy I've never missed jeans more)

Buy a pass to the local aquatic center -- use it often

Find classes for the girls to take (ballet, etc.)

Track calories all. year. long

120-128lb goal weight by end of year

Prioritize protein

Prioriitze vegetables

Stay stocked up on prenatal vitamins 

Try out essential oils

Try new types of restaurants (e.g. Laziz Kitchen in SLC last month was amazing.)

A yoga class a month @ a local studio

Pay off car and personal debt! (leaving only UVU debt for baby step 2)

No new debt all year long (a balance for over a month)

mantra for 2018: how much money will you spend on trying to feel beautiful before you'll spend money on things that make your heart sing?