A Honeymoon Anniversary [A Week Early]

Sometimes we get to go on dates. Money's pretty thin, his prints still haven't cleared & I can't seem to find anything yet. The dollar theater is missed, but the movie was worth it.  I only teared up twice. Swear. The pregnant lady next to however... well she sprang a leak.
This last weekend we got to get away to Sacramento for the weekend! We left Friday afternoon and jumped right into the pool once we got there. We made 6 instant best friends, all under the age of 10 with copious amount of energy and love. Our stressed/concerned moods about money were lifted immediately
Then Saturday morning, fasting, we went to the Sacramento temple.Which, we realized later was the 1 year anniversary of my endowment (:
Peace settled in and stayed. Now to just talk some companies into firing current employees, and into hiring me.