Day 6-10 in Alaska

This is the point where reality started to hit; This vacation is not really a vacation. The stress was adding up. Ten days of trying to be the last one asleep was taking a toll, these sisters of mine like to read til the sun comes up. You know, if the sun actually set here. A typical night includes me I've  playing the app Baby Monkey on an iTouch til they're all asleep and definitely in for the night.

Friday -- Consisted of a fantastic appointment with my sister that I didn't expect to ever have to have. I went in for a class at Infinite Yoga that evening to find my zen again. Except the instructor taught with the voice of a flight attendant, went on tangents of hip replacement surgery videos, and didn't even play music. Let alone use gongs, incense or adjusted us... sucky. I just wanted a break.

Saturday --  A rainy day with a Subway lunch date, Kyndra getting told she lost her last shift at work, an impulsive shopping trip for K3+4 after a freshly cashed paycheck, getting her eyebrows hacked off, and late night watching Easy A. Because it's a classic.Kelsey still won't let me take pictures of her.

Sunday -- Church again, where  I joined the girls for YW for the third hour despite begs to go home early, best lesson ever. Squeals that evening for 2 hours as we watched Emily tell Arie peaceout and say yes to Jef on the Bahelorette. And elaborate plans of everyone moving rooms til late into the night.

Monday --Woke up late as per usual due to these three little ones being straight night owls. Plan for the day: attack Kelsey's room. Unfortunately she doesn't believe in help. We took a break to go catch a movie; The Amazing Spider-Man won by unanimous vote, Andrew Garfield being the only reason. It's cute, I don't mind. By late that night the carpet in Kelsey's room was visible in every corner once again so we were off to a late night Barnes & Noble run