Products That Just Didn't Work For Our Family

c600x3301.) Maxi Cosi Mico Car Seat

I fell in love with Maxi Cosi seats early on in pregnancy, and had a hard time shaking my crush on them as Paityn's due date approached. Long story short, it absolutely didn't work in our car. I had to move my passenger seat so far forward that there was no question that it needed to be returned. Other things I noticed was it looked cuter online, the padding was lighter that I expected, and I was reminded how heavy infant seats are even without a child. My vote still lies with convertible seats, unless you're a stroller kinda parent. Or the Hulk. {Side note: the new white framed Micos are beyond beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.} Maxi Cosi Mico 2.) First Years Gum Drop Pacifiers Pretty simple. Everyone else loves them, Paityn did not. She would however, take every other pacifier besides this one. $3 wasted, not a biggie. Gum Drop Pacifiers

3.) My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow This however, is more of a biggie! You people promised I would want a nursing pillow. I got so caught up in the great Boppy vs My Breast Friend debate, that I never considered option C, don't get either. I wish I could show you how not worth it is. I hate ours. If you want mine, it's yours. My Breast Friend Pillow

4.) Lansinoh Lanolin Cream Just another little example of every mom + baby being different. Some mom's have very painful experiences breastfeeding. Possibly because I exclusively used a shield the first few months, I have only felt pain associated with breastfeeding once teeth entered the picture. Luckily, that was a short lived learning curve for Paityn. I will now find a way to use the Lanolin cream for some other purpose... cuticles perhaps? Dry elbows? Lansinoh Lanolin Topical Cream

5.) Baby Nail Clippers Last but not least, I wanted to get off my chest the fact that I do not clip her fingernails. I am not cut out for the task of clamping down on a soft portion on the tip of my baby's finger that I hope is just nail, but for all I know could be skin. No way Jose. I quickly converted to nail files and haven't looked back! Nail Clippers


Products I'm Glad We Didn't Cave On

Baby products and gear add up quickly. By really looking at your lifestyle, what type of parents you anticipate being, and other factors you can decide which purchases are worth the money and which can skip. For us and our lifestyle, baby carriers for example have felt priceless. It's allowed us to continue on with our day to day life, with the cutest little girl wrapped close to our body. For another mom perhaps having a baby monitor, or their babe next to them in a bassinet, helps calm their nervous heart and allows them to sleep better. The money spent on helping a new mom sleep is always priceless!

I also recognize that when we're ready for a little baby brother or sister, a Mamaroo might save my exhausted body as I learn to juggle two kids.ย But for now, these are the things we skipped on purchasing and are happy we did!

1.) Baby Monitor 2.) Infant Bucket Carseat 3.) Stroller 4.) Nursing Bras 5.) Moses Basket/Bassinet 6.) Swings, Exercauscers, Johnny Jumpers, etc

What about you? Any products that you regret purchasing/you don't agree with all the hype behind a product? Feel free to leave your favorites or any questions!