a List of Goals For 2014

I have been excited for 2014 for a few years. There's something about the age of 24 that has been convinced it's when life just gets really good! 2013 was difficult. I am so ready to step into 2014, with two cuties to kiss at midnight. The past few months I've LOVED setting weekly goals with Landon. It does wonders for our week and spirituality. My daily schedule that I pinned to the hallway wall is also the bees knees. But I'm ready for some big goals and a master sheet to know if we're on track. The concept that I want to channel this year, my word for 2014 is Growth. The world is at my feet. I am cautious of not wanting a life that isn't mine to have, but there are natural talents and abilities in me that need to be expanded. I am a spiritual creature. I want to grow to know my Savior more. I have artistic desires, but set them aside during 2013. I crave books like I do air, but go too long without. I'm ready for this year to be different, focused and intentionally so.

Landon has been such an amazing example to me with setting an example of Growth. He has a clear vision of what he wants from life, and has started asking for it. He is doing amazing things with his social media accounts, blog, and career pursuits. From his example I now fully believe in living by the quote, "You get from life what you have the courage to ask for." Where I would stop at x, he asks from life for x times 10, then works to get it. Perhaps in the future I'll have years where I need to simplify, or do less. But that year will not be this. I want to grow.

My personal 2014 goals ||

Be more comfortable + independent with driving Become more athletic: lifting, running and yoga Have a gym membership/setup all year Be knowledgable of the week's current events and news Purchase art supplies, sketch in the afternoon Purchase an instrument I can love + and progress with: piano or flute? Read a new book a month Resist tanning beds completely Work on Spanish speaking desires again

Cook dinner for us daily Try a new recipe a week Have electronic-free time with Paityn daily / Love her more Keep a daily schedule ++No soda for the rest of the year Prepare emotionally + physically to have another little one (:

Create a desk workspace Invest in an iMac and/or DSLR camera Learn beginner Photoshop techniques and/or InDesign Revisit NASM CPT, become certified by December Publish 52 blogposts a year Register personal URL + blog email

Come to know and love Christ more deeply Finished the Book of Mormon a 2nd time Read the New Testament VT 100% for the next two years

and Our Shared Goals ||

Run a 10K together Get Kyra caught up with Outdoor Gear Hike 10 qualifying Tahoe OGUL Peaks Put together a charitable event, i.e.: a race Move into a cute new place for Landon's new job

Earn credit scores of 740+ [excellent range] Elimante all debt in our lives Never have more than $150 on a credit card Shred credit cards Get Life Insurance Save 5K out of our 20K goal

Have no electronic nights once a week Have more meaningful fasts Enter the temple once a month together Read and study 52 Conference talks Read the scriptures + pray 365 together Send out Birthday Cards for all family members this year


It's a work in progress for the next few days, til we finalize, print and frame these babies!  ♡