Early February | Life Lately

Making: Paityn stop trying to eat her entire pita in one bite. She's such an overachiever sometimesDrinking: Bottled diet coke Reading: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Also, I finished I Am Malala + started/finished Brain on Fire this past week. I'm on a roll you guys Looking: at our cute teepee Playing: on Pinterest + contemplating downloading flappy bird, because that app is everything right now Wasting: electricity. I'm definitely an all the lights in the house on kinda girl Wishing: Target had two of these in stock yesterday. Both of our bedside table lamps are officially goners as of yesterday [paitynnnnn]. I also wouldn't mind a heart BKR bottle + a cute desk setup still Enjoying: Her babbles as she happily drinks down her applesauce pouch now Liking: life, all of it Wondering: what Landon and I should do tonight Loving: our little family Hoping: foIMG_3412r rain to bust us out of this drought Marveling: at how it smelled exactly like a summer in Alaska during our walk this afternoon Needing: nothing // wanting everything Wearing: my new favorite target sweater, zella leggings + combat boots, still on from our walk Following: this little monster around Noticing: her poor runny nose Knowing: that I love her so Thinking: about taxes Feeling: beyond peaceful Bookmarking: J.Crew swimsuits, fresh makeup + all white house interiors Giggling: at the little hand changing the nob on the record player radio, away from the country music station it was on Opening: my book from where I laid it down last Adoring: Birthday pictures with her baby spoon