Monday Mornings

Mondays get a bad rep. Here's to you, Monday morning, because I love fresh starts:

Having my handsome home safe and sound from his trip to climb Shasta again.

Starting a new 5 week training plan from Jim Stoppani, Superman, and loving day one of that plan.

Coming home from the gym, and seeing little Paityn giggling at me through the window screen.

Finding a group of 10,000 IIFYM buddies after failing to talk my parents or Landon into doing it with me. Getting lots of questions answered + help with calculating my macros from just a simple Facebook post on the group page. So amazing!

This JCrew Factory tshirt. This cookie dough recipe from Dinners Dashes and Desserts. Oh yes, it's technically for cookies. Semantics.

 Unplugged at Music Feeds Studio

These verses: alma 41:14, alma 42:15 + alma 45:7 This quote: "you cannot change what you refuse to confront."

And a countdown of 14 days til I get to see my sweet family!