A Wedding Reception || 2011

Landon and I were married in the Oakland Temple June 10, and chose to have our reception the next evening, which turned out being the best decision ever. Seriously, if you're planning your wedding split the two up. By Saturday evening, the excitement of being married had officially kicked in. Though no ceremony took place this evening, I would've been heartbroken if we would've lost these photos too with our laptop. Picture Bon Iver playing in the background and a beautiful summer sunset. I have the best in-laws, ever. IMG_4251-1409454851-OIMG_4245-1409448247-OIMG_4232-1409434447-O IMG_4549-1403952354-OIMG_4885-1404124385-OIMG_4333-1403755979-OIMG_4313-1403726573-OIMG_4348-1403767993-OIMG_4427-1403901275-OIMG_4467-1403919704-PIMG_4489-1403928099-PIMG_4458-1403914326-OIMG_4838-1404074193-OIMG_4599-1403969246-PIMG_4653-1403991692-OIMG_4267-1409539290-PIMG_4709-1404009603-OIMG_4703-1404007658-OIMG_4268-1409542981-OIMG_4686-1404007237-OIMG_4775-1404041883-PIMG_4814-1404061072-PIMG_4535-1403939305-OHappy Anniversary, Landon dear. || Photos by Libby Tolman Photography