Growing Love: Volume I

With our 3 year anniversary approaching earlier this month I was feeling bummed about the idea of posting the same wedding photos that year + every year after with some form of a caption like "happy ___ years, babe!" We were lucky to still have our wedding photos, so we posted them! And then made plans to do something about it, which is how this series began: monthly photography post together. As a new mom, my phone is full of photos of Paityn. I post often about the little things she does, what she's learned, and moments that made my heart melt. But the most important relationship to me, is the one with Landon. My love for him is like none other.

The past few years have helped me realize just how many roads are at our feet. We can still have any type of marriage that we want. So we choose a forgiving marriage, a loving marriage; one with extra laughter, time together, and date nights. We're learning each others needs and how to help each other. Though we haven't finished reading the Love Languages book I'm fairly certain that photos are my love language. Lucky for me, Landon has fun with them too.

I hope that as we focus more on each other for this next year together, behind and in front of the camera, that you too will feel inspired to do a little something extra with the one you love, whatever that means to you.


And if you thought I loved this dress + Sonnet James' dresses before ... while the guys were moving a few chairs down steps where the lighting was better, I jumped in to help. I grabbed a chair that had been deemed the rust chair without my knowing. Two seconds later I had a rust the size of a soccer ball on the front of my dress. We hadn't even shot photos for 5 minutes yet.

That handsome husband of mine scrubbed and scrubbed at it with a Clorox stain remover, and my heart slowly pieced back together as the rust became lighter every minute. After a wash that night when we were finished, it was literally good as new.

Which, I'm sure is a metaphor for love too. ;)

Reese Dress, C/O Sonnet James, Scarf: PacSun, Belt: Target, Sandals: Steve Madden // Romper + Sandals: Target //

| Photos by Andrew Faulkner, AFaulkPhoto