The Diaper Bag, Sunday Edition

This past Sunday I finally embraced that I had to stop being the mom that showed up with a tiny little bag with diapers and a few wipes in a Ziploc stuffed instead thinking we'd magically make it through church unscathed. It just wasn't working. As much as I want to be focused + able to jot notes down, that just isn't exactly the phase of life that I'm in. I made this realization a few months ago, truth be told, as I watched Landon's mom interact with Paityn on a Sunday that they were visiting. Armed with gummy snacks, the jewelry on her wrist, and  whispered conversations and giggles I quickly learned through observation what that little toddler of ours needed from me.

In full disclosure, Landon had been saying this all along. I may have a bit of stubborn in me, that was convinced she'd suddenly grow out of it and just sit cutely next to us for an hour. Oh man. You guys. I also have a lot of optimistic in me.

Last Saturday we made sure to include a stop at Target to grab a few things to help make our time at church a success: a coloring book, crayons, stickers, Mott's fruit chews and two snack containers that are spill + mess resistant. Then in the morning we filled the containers with her two current favorites: grapes + Cheerios and tossed in a Tillamook cheese slice for good luck.



While I wouldn't consider it a complete success, Landon did have to walk out with her after she fell off the church pew + hit her head, it was one of the least embarrassing hours we've had all year.