5 Things I Love about the Rowley's Home

Every few months I find myself obsessed with something new. In August and September it was the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and I was convinced I'd never seen something so beautiful in all my life. Well as far as makeup palettes are concerned. But more recently I've been dying over an article I came across on Design Mom's website when they interviewed Elle Rowley, famous for her Solly Baby baby carriers, about her life in San Diego. My house + living preference can never be the same after seeing the life that they've created. You can find all her photos + the full interview HERE.

In no particular order, here are the top five things that I'm moving up to the top of my wish list for life after reading this article :


Lets start with the craziest of them all. I have a fairly strong fear of any living thing that isn't human and has the ability to walk, fly or swim near me. But suddenly nothing has ever sounded more romantic than raising chickens and having freshly laid eggs. I'm confident that my brave daughter could teach me a thing or two about how to not be afraid of them. And if she'll make scrambled eggs for her younger siblings for breakfast at the age of 5 like Lucy then heck! All the cuter.

Once fresh eggs enter the picture, I want more. Fresh veggies, fresh honey! Growing up in Alaska I can remember a few years with a garden and the excitement of pulling up our carrots when it was time. It felt exciting to understand the circle of life of food, and I'm convinced no carrot has ever tasted sweeter. I would love to experience that with out future littles and that hopefully it could be something that would be our thing. The bees and honey would have to be their thing with Landon however. I draw the line at bees.


I'll try to resist using the word romantic for all five of these ideas, but I just can't help it here. I've always been interested in doing life a little differently and a lot more intentionally than others around me. As newlyweds I was very strongly anti furniture and TV because those things represented ignored conversations and missed opportunities. I was concerned that a home that offered everything we needed would keep us from getting out and seeing everything the world had for us.

Before too long Landon talked me into a simple couch, then recently a TV (to be used as a monitor for Hulu + movies) entered our life, but at the core those concerns are still important to me. Why have a meditation room in my home when I can get out and be a part of a community meditation class? Why have a large toy-room when, with the right perspective and effort, the world can be their toy-room. Why take out a large loan, paying a bank hundred of thousands of dollars for the privilege to live in a large home over 30+ years, when less can be more.



Landon, my adventure loving husband is an outdoor and gear enthusiast. On one side of the shed I can totally picture all of his and our gear displayed, along with a few cycling bikes mounted on the wall, some snowshoes, or whatever else activity we're loving at the moment.

One the other end I'd love a beautiful and simple home gym : mirrors, barbells, free weights and windows. The DIY wood feature wall, concrete flooring and details that they have going on? Yes I'd wouldn't mind those details one bit.


Landon has always talked fondly of the land and property he was able to grow up on and romp around in with his cousins. I'm sure romp isn't the word he uses to describe his time spent adventuring, and his description would include other mischievous adjectives that included at least one fire starting story, but you get the idea.

I had been so against the idea since we'd met. The idea of possibly overgrown land and being away from a suburb sounded like something the weird family in the ward or kid at school does. But suddenly, I stand corrected. The idea of enough space for a beautiful outdoor patio, grass and space for littles to run around in, a garden, the bees, and a few chickens. Yes yes yes.


This might be the biggest difference between my small space living dream and another's. I find nothing dreamy or adventurous about a small space with dated details. My dreams include beautiful white kitchens, hardwood floors, a large mirror in the bathroom (even if there is only one to share for the whole family) and little plants in all the windows. Because you don't need to upgrade to a larger house to have the details and finishes that make your heart soar.


Now I have no idea when life will come together enough for Landon and I to be ready to sign for anything longer than a year, but I know my home preferences will never be the same after reading this article. Here's to figuring out what makes you happy and working for it til it happens.

Shoutout Design Mom for posting such a great interview as part of her Living With Kids series, Jylare Smith Photography for taking the photos for that interview, and to Elle + Jared and their three kiddos for building such an inspiring and rad life in San Diego.