I Didn't Expect That At 23 Months You'd,


laugh so easily

have so much personality // be so cuddly and affectionate.

be such an amazing helper with organizing the house, putting away dad's shoes and starting the dishwasher.

love little babies so much and your dadda so.

that your eyes would be this bright and your hair so curly.

that you'd end up loving cheese more than me (it's cool, I understand) and our buddy josh.

that the way you run with your arms flying behind you would just melt my heart every time.

that you'd have an opinion on what to wear when we get dressed in the mornings and would love taking such long showers.

that you'd recognize Jesus in art and videos call him Jeez for short and insist on prayers and kisses before bed.

I didn't expect that at 23 months you'd light up my day so fully and that you'd already feel like my best friend.