Making 2014 Count | Year End Review

2013 was an extremely difficult year for me. I did the best I could to stay present through the good and the bad, but without goals to shoot for and guide me through the year it ended up being so much less of a year than it could have been. I can't tell you what a night and day difference 2014 has been. I followed the lead of Kelli Murray and others with choosing a word to focus on and to make 2014 count. I chose growth, feeling the need to push myself and knowing that "doing less" definitely wasn't what I needed this year. (But it may be what you needed.) With the help of this list of goals I truly believe I was able to accomplish things I wouldn't have otherwise accomplished. Resisting tanning beds completely for example was huge for me, and something that I hadn't done for an entire consecutive year since before freshman year of High School. In 2012 and 2013 combined I honestly believe I read 2 books total. In two years. Because of my specific goal of a book a month, I read over 20 this year. And it felt so good.

Here is a quick recap of how I did with focusing on my goals and the idea of growth the past 364 days: My personal 2014 goals ||

Be more comfortable + independent with driving Become more athletic: lifting, running and yoga Have a gym membership/setup all year Be knowledgable of the week’s current events and news Purchase art supplies, sketch in the afternoon Purchase an instrument I can love + and progress with: piano or flute? Read a new book a month Resist tanning beds completely Work on Spanish speaking desires again

Cook dinner for us daily Try a new recipe a week Have electronic-free time with Paityn daily / Love her more Keep a daily schedule ++No soda for the rest of the year Prepare emotionally + physically to have another little one (:

paytin7 Create a desk workspace Invest in an iMac and/or DSLR camera Learn beginner Photoshop techniques and/or InDesign Revisit NASM CPT, become certified by December Publish 52 blogposts a year Register personal URL + blog email

Come to know and love Christ more deeply Finished the Book of Mormon a 2nd time Read the New Testament VT 100% for the next two years

And the few shared goals Landon and I accomplished ||

Get Kyra caught up with Outdoor Gear Move into a cute new place for Landon’s new job Start career in the outdoor industry Earn credit scores of 740+ : the excellent range  Never have more than $150 on a credit card (had this for a few weeks!) Shred credit cards (and then we brought them back out again for school)

I learned that my personal goals meant more to me, than our shared goals meant to us. So we'll have to reanalyze our shared goals and decide what we want to do for those in 2015. Part of the problem for a handful of them was that we didn't expect to move suddenly to Utah to be students again. So the reality of our goal of saving $5,000 for a house for example, turned into going $5,000 in debt to help Landon pursue higher education.

Another problem with some of our goals was that they were too concrete: "ready + pray 365 together" "ready and study 52 talks" with the idea that they would magically become daily and weekly things. When they didn't, we pushed the goal out of our minds instead of rethinking the goal in monthly increments with a fresh start every first of the month.

So learn from us! And be kind to yourself with your goals. Maybe 2014 didn't go how you thought it would, but that's ok. Take some time this week to consider why you didn't accomplish certain goals, and then join in with me with setting a long list for 2015!landonkyra27

"I am so thoroughly convinced that if we don't set goals in our life and learn how to master the techniques of living to reach our goals, we can reach a ripe old age and look back on our life only to see that we reached but a small part of our full potential." M. Russell Ballard 

photos from our Growing Love Series, taken by Andrew Faulkner