Life Lately

one of my favorite moms Karra shared this tag on her blog just us & the babes, and I wanted to join in to keep it going. here's a few thoughts from our life this week:

EXCITED ABOUT | our little 10'x4' raised bed garden and Landon's cheerful face as of late

LOVING | photos of tiny houses and walks in the evening with the girls

WORKING ON  | creating a backdrop for photos of our baby girl later this week // tutorials here + here

READING  | Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. the short review: two thumbs up

BROWSING | summer hat options, determined to find one I love this year. send help

HULU - ING | brooklyn nine -nine, fresh off the boat ++ shark tank

WISHING FOR | well, a little home gym to workout in while the girls nap this afternoon wouldn't suck

SIPPING | diet coke

WONDERING | where we'll be this fall and all about herb gardens. and if I'm deficient in magnesium.

LOOKING FORWARD TO | bryce canyon this weekend!

NERVOUS ABOUT | money + if I'm on track with postpartum progress. thankfully both are fixable