Love Where You Live Series: Bryce Canyon National Park

Things I can't claim enough: I'm never moving away from Utah.

Our Labor Day holiday spent in Bryce Canyon National Park solidified that resolve once again. There's something about red rock that is so beautifully foreign and comforting at the same time. I'm in awe whether we're driving through or taking the time to explore.


In an effort to live more in the moment and for the memories we took off on our road trip sans camera, stopping only to snap an iPhone pic here and there over the next 48 hours.

We narrowly escaped a thunderstorm within minutes of begining to hike in Bryce Canyon Monday afternoon.  After realizing we wouldn't have to turn around, the passing storm made me appreciate the opportunity to be out in Southern Utah that much more. Our loop included going through Queen's Garden and up through the Navajo trail and switchbacks. Paityn our little hiker was down to walk as often as we'd let her, and needed a few bribes to get in the backpack through the spots where we couldn't trust her to stay on the path.

That evening, we drove over to Escalante where we checked in to the cutest little cabin and grabbed pizza at the onsite restaurant. In the morning Paityn made a buddy next door, who we got to see again a few hours later at the reward of a 3 mile hike: Lower Calf Creek Falls, a beautiful but chilly waterfall. We played in the sand and water for the better part of an hour, which though glorious, I started to regret on the way back. Soaking up that much sun, then hiking back while carrying Hudson in the sling and running out of water wasn't an ideal combo. But once back in the car with the AC blasting and water bottles refilled, our letter games to distract me from my terrible thirst behind us, I couldn't believe how good Bryce Canyon/ the Esclante area was. 

This weekend trip came on the tail of Landon's trip to France, so to say much needed was an understatement. We came back refreshed, renewed + connected. Success.

Have you had a chance to do a Bryce Canyon weekend before? Let me know if you have any suggestions of what to do next time we're down there.

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