Thriving in 2015: September Update

October is literally right around the corner and I couldn't be more ready. Give me all the holidays, extra calories and themed garland/printables from Etsy. 

But first, an update on progress with working on my goals for 2015 that center around the idea of thriving personally this year. 

Read a Fun Book 1x a Month

I caved and finally grabbed The Life -Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I drank the kool aid. And it didn't suck.

The size of this book made it seem like it fell under the category of books that will end up in the bargain bin by the end of the year. Along with every other "inspirational" book that didn't have enough content so it was published with smaller pages.

So not the case with this read. Suddenly I'm quietly thanking my windshield wipers in my head for doing it's job of keeping me safe while driving through a rainstorm and cleaning out my purse at the end of each day

Written by Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo, with an approach of organizing your home through only having things in your home that bring you joy, which involves a healthy detachment to material things, which felt refreshing.  One of my favorite concepts was treating everything, whether you keep it in your home or not moving forward, is that it taught you something. Maybe that you don't like denim shirts or learning Spanish from home after all. Thank the item for what it's taught you, and move on. If this is up your alley at all grab it, and then plan on a 6 month time span or less of committing to put your home in order. 

Serve In the Community For 2 Hours a Month

I've really had a hard time putting this one into action. But the one thing that has happened consistently and we're going to pretend counts is making an effort to put our names down when the list gets passed around to volunteer to clean the church. This last time Landon was out for a run, so I bundled the girls up on a chilly Saturday morning, walked over and helped dust the building. 

How do you help do service in your community? I found this list recently, which will hopefully be just what I need to branch out in the next few months.  


While tracking my macros hasn't felt like what I've needed lately I have been attempting to follow the idea of intuitively eating and am just a few lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy baby weight. It's a funny thing hitting a weight loss goal. Suddenly I'm feeling free to possibly pursue other fitness avenues that I hadn't been open to before.



Things that are working amazingly: not having credit cards, using to track expenses, and working towards having a set grocery/eating out budget that is pulled in cash at the beginning of each week. An added goal that I've set to this category is to make November a no spend month, making only necessary purchases. The intent of this goal will be to truly foster the idea of gratitude, not just hashtag it on November 26. I think the key to thriving when it comes to our financial health is being grateful for how far we've come, and being grateful for everything we have - material & not.

*  *  *

As this year's progressed I feel like a completely different person than when this year began and I wrote up my list of goals for 2015. My social media numbers now have no relationship to me thriving. I don't see blogging/social media as a business ambition at all anymore. Weight lifting has become a date night evening routine of time with Landon instead of being focused on hitting specific weights on lifts by the end of the year. Things have taken the backburner, while the year has passed by, and things that we need as a couple have become clear. And while I might not be posting updates on all of those changes one thing is for sure. I'll always have a little book review.