Love Where You Live Series: Seven Peaks

My Love Where You Live series aims to kick the mentality of wishing for better days somewhere tropical to the curb, and to fall in love with wherever it is that you call home currently. It isn't hard to come up with a long list of places that we'd love to explore now that we're back in Utah. Moab, Canyonlands, Arches, Bear Lake; I want to see it all with our sweet family! 

But sometimes, apparently and sadly, the bank account disagrees.

We're also been focusing on our debt elimination goals this summer. So though an adventure every weekend had sounded amazing in theory, the money spent on gas down to Zion's was a bit of an eye opener. So we've scaled back a bit and worked on finding truly local options.  

For $20 a person, one for Landon and one for me, we grabbed Pass of All Passes this Spring. Good for a year, these Utah based passes now get us through the door of everything from Seven Peaks to Real soccer games to a movie theater. Seven Peaks, a water park in Provo, is the main attraction in our book. The passes pay off after just one visit. And then we keep just coming back.

This past weekend Landon brought the camera along and snapped some photos of Paityn in her element. That girl was meant for the water! He looked a bit like a creeper in the moment, but I love the pics. 

We forgot her puddle jumper the day these were taken, but that thing is a life saver! Half for her -- she can be more comfortable in the water, and half for me -- being at the pool without Landon and two babies isn't easy. But it makes it easier. I'm kicking myself over not grabbing one last summer when we had a pool at our place in California.

Last but not least I'm not sure Solly Baby would want me advertising that I use their wrap at the pool, but it's also saving me. Hudson sleeps soundly on my chest and I have my arms free to hold Paityn's hand and "catch" her at the bottom of a slide. Parenting, it's an adventure.

Let me know in the comments on how you're falling in love with where you live this summer. Is it an adventure, new restaurant or new friends? Or are you struggling to like your current location?