Utah Favorites: The Baby Cubby

I don't know about you, but local finds mean so much to me. I posted about a few of my favorites while we were still getting settled back in Utah. There are a few essentials I look wherever we live -- a gym, cute yoga studio, a place to get my hair done,  and a store that sells mini m&m's.

You know, priorities. 

Now that we've been here over a year we've found even more to love about the valley of Utah, which I honestly never expected to happen.

Enter: The Baby Cubby

If you're a local reader, tomorrow's the day to check them out. They're a baby boutique -- and I'm not sure if the word to describe them is cute, fabulous or sweet. It's some combination of all three. Within my first scan around the shop I found all of our favorites -- Paityn's crib, the newborn mitts that don't come off, all the Freshly Picked moccs, my baby bag; it felt like a curated shopping experience and I loved it. 

SO. Tomorrow, July 21 from 6-9pm they're having a pop-up shop with Taylor Joelle Designs. I hear talk of giveaways, treats, free hair-dos, and a sale off of everything in the store. Check out more here.

But stay here for a second.

Because we grabbed matching dresses for the girls and took the chance to take their first sister photos together. Oh I love those two. 

Tea Collection flutter dresses on the girls.