Hudson Elle's Blessing Day

Hudson Elle. 

I just want to write her name a million times. 

Today Landon blessed her -- and I swear I watched him fall more in love with her in front of my eyes.

She's been with us for a little over three months, but today was the first of many exciting milestones. 

We had carefully packed the blessing dress that my grandma had made Paityn for her blessing day two springtimes ago, and dressed Hudson in it this morning, putting a white bow on her dark hair as we ran out the door. I had questioned if we should find something different or more simple for her the past few weeks. But as I held her walking into the church building this morning it felt perfect. 

I forgot to quietly record the blessing as Landon spoke, surrounded by family members. But the phrase that she will be a "beacon of light" was my absolute favorite. I quickly wrote it down as the blessing finished and will be thinking it all week as I look at her almost-always smiling face.