Cookie Party, with the Alison Show

I have found the sugar cookie recipe. The one that makes you want to have a cookie cutter stash and bust out cookies for every holiday. Bring the stretchy pants out. I'm ready. 

I've been admiring the #alisonscookieparty hashtag on Instagram for months and months now. I LOVE a good sugar cookie. I grew up spoiled with amazing homemade cookies from my mom, who, now swears that the Betty Crocker pouch kind taste just the same. They don't.

My mom's homemade sugar cookie recipe requires letting the dough chill in the fridge overnight, which always seems so much more demanding that it really it. They were also always topped with buttercream frosting, which while tasting amazing,  I could never make them look presentable when I'd attempt on my own.

Motivated by all of the success photos on Instagram, I talked to Alison about doing a mini collab putting her cookie party online course to the test. You guys, she is the best. I'm not sure who else would think to do 6 different brilliant videos walking everyone through every step of her cookie creations, but she did, and because of them, I didn't fail as much as I thought I would going into this.

For context I tried to do the Purl Bee Felt Alphabet recently and FLOPPED. The poor felt is half cutout, and a few letters haphazardly sewn. 

Sugar cookies though, I can do.

Being in the newlywed stage of life when it comes to our bank account and kitchen supplies, making this recipe work required grabbing a few things normal people have: a rolling pin, parchment paper, powdered sugar and gel food coloring. But maybe the latter is something only party people have. So I don't feel so bad. I searched on Etsy for cookie cutters and grabbed the teepee, tree, deer and cloud. 

I don't want to go on and on about each step, but my general consensus is that I am so excited by how much it all made sense and how much less effort it took than I expected.

Seeing cookies that are the same shape when they come out of the oven as when you put them in feels good.

I relied on her e-Book while getting ready then start/stopped her baking your cookie, making royal icing and decorating with royal icing as I went along. 

Seriously the how-to videos are the best. Being able to see things like the exact consistency of icing to shoot for, technique with icing or popping air bubbles and how to easily roll out the dough saved me so much time and stress.

Things that didn't work for me:

  • The deer's head is fragile. Paityn snapped a few before I could ice them. Lesson learned-- be weary of cookie cutters that are too thin and/or toddlers in the kitchen
  • The process of mixing different colors seemed like the most time consuming. I think 4 colors was perfect, and I can see anything more than that just being overwhelming. 
  • The lack of two sticks of butter in the icing. Ok ok, so I knew this wasn't going to be a buttercream frosting going into it. So the taste overall is lighter. Side note: healthier?

I honestly had so much fun beginning the process of mastering the sugar cookie. Let me know if you have any questions of if you've picked up Alison's Cookie Party too.