The Sling Diaries | Laughter

This is my fifth post for the Sakura Bloom Sling diaries, all on the idea of laughter. This is my first chambray sling and it's LOVE. 

This morning you woke up howling like a wolf at the moon. There's a chance you were saying "Caliouuuuuuuu." I cracked up softly not wanting to wake up Hudson who was sleeping between us.

As the day went on, I carried my phone with me fully expecting to whip it out every so often, documenting shared laughs as we experienced the day together. 

But all I did was sigh at you. 

I sighed when I saw our tomatoes flying through the air and landing on the hard kitchen tile. 

I sighed and thought swear words when I came out to the living room, where I thought you were watching the movie Brother Bear, but instead you were egging our house. 

Literally. You cracked 11 eggs from the dozen we'd just bought that morning, in 11 different spots. 

So instead of pulling out my phone to document laughs, I pulled out my phone to look up how to get raw egg out of carpet. 

I tell you I need to clean and ask you to lay down for a bit, recognizing this as something you do when you're exhausted. You tell me your eyes are happy. I tell you your eyes are tired. You don't believe me.

You don't believe me for two hours. 

I tried tucking you in, reading a book, playing mute and not talking to you, giving you playful instructions. But still, no nap. The nightgown you're changed into tells me that by now you know you're tired too. 

So I get back in bed with you, the living room picked up and text to Landon sent that our hike tonight will be put on hold in lieu of renting a carpet cleaner. 


A few hours later, by that evening, everything was right in the world again. We pushed all the furniture to the edges of the room and strip by strip I helped make our carpets refreshed again, while you giggled in the kitchen helping dadda make homemade bread. 

The air in our home changed to have the most peaceful and loving vibes I'd felt in a long time.  Maybe it was the contrast to the stress from the afternoon, the smell of fresh bread, or the relief of having clean carpets again. But most of all it seemed like it was because we were working together, and that life is better when we're all together. 

As the week went on I realized we don't laugh as frequently as I thought. I observe you, I watch over you, we talk, I want to know your heart, I help you and ask for your help; and sometimes during sweet genuine moments, we laugh.

And in my  heart, I know that's enough. 

If you want a interesting perspective give this a try: choose a day and document laughter. You might be surprised at what you find! I seriously would've told you that Paityn and I laugh all the time. And while our days do include laughter and lots of smiles, this experiment seemed to teach me something. And confirmed a few suspicions I already had about Mondays. So I want to keep this up on my own, and to cherish the times when we share full belly laughs. 

Ps: it'd seem wrong to not sneak in that Hudson laughed for me this week! Her hands on my thumb and pinky finger, drawing my hand over her face she laughed again and again.

Baby giggles are just the best.