Hogle Zoo

When you let Paityn plan a "Paityn Day" it'll start with donuts and end with her asking for more.


That's my girl.

With adventure money in our pockets last week I quickly jumped into planning mode, working out the logistics of a Moab trip I hadn't thought would get to happen this year. And then we remembered Landon was subbing for a class on Sunday.

So we switched gears and let Paityn plan out a Saturday that would make her happy. We told her the sky was the limit and she asked for donuts and Target. With a little help in the suggestion department we helped her draw out a plan for Saturday.

We started with Branbury Donuts in downtown SLC and wrapped things up with the girls asleep just as the Utes game was starting that night. 


Hits from Hogle Zoo: the elephants, seals, & nostrils. Everybody's nostrils. 

After lunch we put our feet up (literally) as we watched Middle School at the SugarHouse theater.

When planning a child focused day assume everything will take so much longer than you expect. You're probably not going to get to everything on the list. Right? We didn't make it to the gym (where she plays with kids) we realized as she checked things off that night. But doing things at Paityn's pace was beyond refreshing. We followed her lead -- from which way she wanted to turn at Hogle Zoo to how long we stayed there. 

While I'm still dying to get down to Moab, this past Saturday was such a welcome reminder that we don't need a grand road trip adventure to have some carefree hours together.

A note: So I don't know if I'm back to blogging. Seriously. But oh has the past year been a needed break. We'll see. 

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