Love Where You Live: Antelope Island State park

Landon and I have had Southern Utah on our minds since we left a few weeks ago. A cycling trail specifically has been calling our names, but once we realized the past weekend was conference weekend we couldn't figure out a way to cycle and conference and make either really work. 

Instead we went for a closer to home adventure, which is really what this series about, right? My goal of this series is to encourage you to learn to love, visit and explore the beautiful places around your spot in this world, wherever you live. 

Antelope Island turned out to be absolute magic. 

The last time we'd been to Antelope Island I was newly pregnant with Hudson. Paityn and I killed time in the early morning into the afternoon while Landon ran his first ultra-marathon -- the Antelope Island 50K Buffalo Run. (throwback photo here)

This time, we headed out in the early afternoon and found ourselves somehow running out of time before the sun went down. Buzzing from diet cokes grabbed before heading in (we forgot there is a little restaurant on antelope island) we put a zoom lens to good use, trying to grab a rad photo of a bison for our home, played in the sand for an hour attempting to make it to the water (the Great Salt Lake) and headed down to the Fielding Garr Ranch.


The first bison that we saw up close, rolling around on his back, was absolute magic. After seeing 20+ bison by the end of the evening though they started to feel like no big deal. It was reassuring to hear Landon retell a friend's story of a similar feeling about seeing elephants in Africa -- that after awhile it felt like "just another elephant."

Something about hearing that was so reassuring. It resonated with me as I thought of the various places I'd lived, from Alaska to California, and the wonders that were unique to those area that didn't feel so special after awhile.

I'm not sure the cure for those jaded feelings, but maybe it's OK. I'm just working to try and enjoy and to be in awe of the creatures and views that we're lucky to share a bit of this earth with.