Self Care During the Young Mom Phase of Life

Hey mama 

I see you. Working a job or two, raising a few babies that sometimes make it feel like you're actually raising wolves. (Raises both hands)

You're trying to do your best, from your marriage to your family budget. Maybe you're doing the Dave Ramsey thing too, and your next baby step victory is 18 months to 4 years away. 

You're probably a proponent of self care, but likely find yourself calling the things that can be squeezed into your busy schedule "self care" and calling it good. 

This is your reminder to make sure that you're taking the time and adding the things to your budget that make you feel human and that help you thrive. 

Time for a dozen uninterrupted  scrolls through Instagram is good, but a pass to the yoga studio you drive pass often is great. 

Having the chance to read through that article on Facebook is good, but if you're a fellow book lover, don't forget how nice having a book in your hands feels. 

Adding "take a shower" to your to-do list and actually doing it is the best. Getting your hair done when it's been 6 months, if it's your kinda thing, is also the best. 

So whatever it is that brings you joy, fight for it. Save a few minutes or dollars and when you can make it happen, whatever self care means to you, I hope you're able to take a deep cleansing breath and enjoy it.

Treat yo self.

Let me know in the comments one thing you'll make an effort to do in the next week in the name of self care. For a bit more inspiration, here's a wonderful list of 101 self care ideas from The Mighty for when life feels like it's all a bit too much //

Love Where You Live: Antelope Island State park

Landon and I have had Southern Utah on our minds since we left a few weeks ago. A cycling trail specifically has been calling our names, but once we realized the past weekend was conference weekend we couldn't figure out a way to cycle and conference and make either really work. 

Instead we went for a closer to home adventure, which is really what this series about, right? My goal of this series is to encourage you to learn to love, visit and explore the beautiful places around your spot in this world, wherever you live. 

Antelope Island turned out to be absolute magic. 

The last time we'd been to Antelope Island I was newly pregnant with Hudson. Paityn and I killed time in the early morning into the afternoon while Landon ran his first ultra-marathon -- the Antelope Island 50K Buffalo Run. (throwback photo here)

This time, we headed out in the early afternoon and found ourselves somehow running out of time before the sun went down. Buzzing from diet cokes grabbed before heading in (we forgot there is a little restaurant on antelope island) we put a zoom lens to good use, trying to grab a rad photo of a bison for our home, played in the sand for an hour attempting to make it to the water (the Great Salt Lake) and headed down to the Fielding Garr Ranch.


The first bison that we saw up close, rolling around on his back, was absolute magic. After seeing 20+ bison by the end of the evening though they started to feel like no big deal. It was reassuring to hear Landon retell a friend's story of a similar feeling about seeing elephants in Africa -- that after awhile it felt like "just another elephant."

Something about hearing that was so reassuring. It resonated with me as I thought of the various places I'd lived, from Alaska to California, and the wonders that were unique to those area that didn't feel so special after awhile.

I'm not sure the cure for those jaded feelings, but maybe it's OK. I'm just working to try and enjoy and to be in awe of the creatures and views that we're lucky to share a bit of this earth with. 


Love Where You Live: Moab & Arches National Park

This past weekend we took off for Moab, Utah after work on Friday with our National Parks Pass swinging from the rearview mirror of our car. Ever since we moved back to Utah in 2014 we've had Moab at the top of our weekend adventure list, but consistent Springtime showers & heat in the Summer had kept us away. 

So this year we decided to just go, forecasts for rain and all. We got into Moab late Friday night and crashed quickly, waking up early Saturday morning with the rising sun. Paityn pronounced it the best day ever within ten minutes of waking. While she got up and started picking out her favorite "pink" rocks, and I pulled out the jar of nutella for breakfast, I found it hard to disagree.

Between Saturday and Sunday we explored & hiked:

  • Arches National Park / Turrent Arch
  • Delicate Arch
  • Lunch @ the Spoke on Center in Moab
  • and a quick stop in Canyonlands National Park: Mesa Arch before crashing at a hotel Saturday night.

The next morning after breakfast and a sweet little ward in Moab we checked out:

  • Potash Road / Dinosaur Tracks Trail
  • and finally Carona Arch before heading home.

Really truly this weekend was a 10/10 in my book. I could do that itinerary all over again. If you're wanting to do something similar the only tips I'd have would be:

If you have kids or pets with you, make sure you have a parent per child or trust your children to be safe around ledges while hiking Delicate Arch, DEFINITELY Mesa Arch, and probably still be a little cautious at Carona Arch. That sounds dramatic, but we have a wanderer name Hudson and a sprinter name Paityn, and the dropoff at Mesa Arch makes my stomach drop just thinking about it. 

Less dramatic: Delicate Arch was an accomplishment once we made it back down from the top. With Hudson in the sling for a good part of that hike, we relied on Paityn being able to hike it on her own two feet. Comments from fellow hikers complimenting her on her pink tutu on the way up was enough motivation for her to not lose steam, but on the way back down it took a few pep talks from Landon about the little engine that could to keep her feet moving. 

Finally: Dinosaur Tracks Trail was a treat. If you're hoping for an easy circle of life lesson with kids where you only have to walk .1 miles, this is for you. 

I hope you enjoy photos from our time down there last weekend. The big open skies, even filled with stormy clouds, were such a nice break from the city. Southern Utah is a dream.

Arches National Park: The Windows Section // We let the girls take the lead and let them get as distracted as they wanted. The perfect morning stroll. North Window Arch, South Window Arch + Turret Arch (photos of the girls and I standing inside)

Delicate Arch Hike -- 3.2 Miles RT + 610 ft // That photo of Landon and Paityn at the top just about sums up all of my feelings about doing this hike. If you're interested in checking this hike out at all, do it! Because it took everything we had, however, to get our children to walk uphill closer to the arch and not giggling back downhill killing all progress, we have so many less photos to show for this one. :)


After lunch in town we took off again, ending up in Canyonlands as the sun was starting to go down. We hopped out for a final hike to an arch for the night: Mesa Arch, .7 Miles, 65 Ft. 




Love Where You Live: Moab Cont'd & Corona Arch

Potash Road Petroglyphs + Dinosaur Tracks -- .2 Miles // If your children are slightly into dinosaurs, or have seen Dinosaur Train even once, stop here. This was the perfect find to stretch our legs Sunday in the late morning and to take our time walking around on the rocks soaking up the sun. 

Ignore the fake petroglyphs, enjoy the real ones and side-eye whoever thought they were clever adding on to that wall.

Corona and Bowtie Arch -- 2.5 Miles + 547ft  // The final exploration of the weekend before hopping back in the car and heading back North.