Love Where You Live: The Grotto in Payson, UT

There's a pattern in our little house when it comes to making plans.

1. Landon suggests a new location for an adventure

2. I struggle to wrap my brain around how it could be fun. 

3. I'll then suggest something we've done before, knowing we can count on it being a safe bet.

I discovered we were in this rut on our anniversary when Landon sweetly suggested the idea of packing a salmon dinner to cook over a fire on a remote hike on the Alpine Loop while my aunt watched the girls. My idea of fun was doing legs at the gym.

I literally struggled with giving up the idea of lifting weight to try something new our anniversary evening alone without the girls. Who does that??

Ever since having the cutest anniversary date night with Landon up in the mountains I've worked on being a little more flexible with adventures. I'll tell him to make sure to mention stopping for food or treats a few times to really up the chances of me saying yes. So off for ice cream and a little hike to see a waterfall in Payson we went. ;)

If we're being honest, there's no part of me that would ever say: "If you're visiting UT you've gotta do this walk!" But that's kind of the point of this series -- getting outside and making fun memories, wherever you live. And while the pressure of being convinced that you'd have fun repeating this little trail, I'm so glad that we did. 

It's short: a little over a quarter of a mile and then you're there. The sun is bright, the bugs are out in full force, and it's a popular trail. You'll like have to scoot over to the side to let other families pass by every 60 seconds or so. But! The cool water will feel like heaven on your warm toes. And that made all the diference.


We let Paityn lead the way back -- taking her time to play in every little pool of water and collecting all the sticks.

Back in the car, realizing we were low on gas, we decided to head down to Nephi to fill up and then play a bit more. Sadly the lack of gas for our little red car got a little stressful, as we watched the miles to empty countdown dip down below 40, then 30, then 20, which meant driving right pass Devil's Kitchen, our car in neutral as we tried to conserve every ounce of gas possible. 

There in Nephi we stopped for a treat and to nurse hungry little Hudson before heading back north. I'm not quite sure there were many adventures to be had there.