Oh, Hello 2014

Happy New Year! We kept our New Year's Eve super casual.  While Paityn was awake I wanted it to be "her" night, because those sorts of nights are awesome. All those things she always wants to get into? We let her. We dropped by our Target and took her down the baby isle to choose her favorite puffs + veggie pouch. "good choice Pait! parsnips, mmmm..."

Landon found a sequel to our favorite kid's book I Want My Hat Back, that *spoiler alert* involved a bunny being eaten over a stolen hat. Kid's books, I love em!Image

Once back home and in her PJ's, she had just enough energy to gobble handfuls of Puffs down before she was rubbing her eyes. "Sorry babe. Bedtime for you." Landon and I curled up with some apple cranberry bubbly and a cute movie. I was insistent on staying up til midnight this NYE, just to be sure we started the year off on a good start.

New Years Day morning I was ready to make homemade butter cream frosting and eat it all day. This craving evolved into me trying to talk Landon into a road trip down to Palo Alto for Sprinkles Cupcakes instead. We had the day off, it's a brand new start, it seemed like the perfect time.

Guys, he really really loves me.

 Everything about this day was a dream. I found myself falling in love with California as we drove.  We spent just enough time in IKEA to grab a tray for her new highchair and to mentally pick out what frames to uses for our "His, Hers, Ours" 2014 goals. We grabbed $2 slices of pizza then jumped back in the car to continue our road trip.

I felt so blessed to find everything so beautiful. We prayed to have joy that morning before we began. Imagine if I prayed for that everyday.

Our first exciting sighting in Palo Alto was the Facebook HQ. I had completely blanked of the fact that they were there. I'd seen the movie and everything! Palo Alto you cool cat you.

We wasted no time with getting our cupcakes on. I instantly regretted not scoping out blog posts to know which to get! They had peppermint, which is always the way to my heart, s'mores, red velvet, vegan; so many good looking ones! I decided on the classic red velvet while Landon went for a chocolate marshmallow.


My review? Sprinkles Cupcakes are totes worth it for the experience, cute storefront + packaging.

And for anyone that finds them overpriced, pssh. How much do we all pay for diet coke? haha I don't find it unreasonable to pay another dollar for a gourmet cupcake haha. I would pay three bucks for the frosting alone! I am thoroughly convinced, that if given the opportunity, I could become completely addicted to one of their flavors. The Red Velvet was amazing, but won't be the one that gets me hooked.

Happily, and feeling like my life was complete, we headed down a few stores to Nordstrom. With a giftcard weighing my purse down I knew just what I wanted. I tried on the Zella Live In Leggings, and it was instant love. All 900 positive reviews weren't lying.

Just nearby to the Standford Shopping Area was Stanford campus. I quickly Googled tuition rates. 13K a year? "Full speed ahead with Stanford dreaming!" I did get all A's at the LDSBC one semester, you know. Palm tree lined roads, beautiful balconies on the business building, Greek statues, oh campus was beautiful.

IMG_2342 IMG_2362

From there everything on our agenda was checked off so we toured and drove north slowly checking out a few different cities. Like finding Clif Bar HQ and attempting to find the Mountain Hardware HQ. It was cool to see the home base for so many businesses down there, even Ask.com, which I think is the worst website ever. In case you were wondering.

This is where I tell you that he cut his hair, shaved down his beard and made out with me all night.

I'm telling you, beyond perfect day.

a List of Goals For 2014

I have been excited for 2014 for a few years. There's something about the age of 24 that has been convinced it's when life just gets really good! 2013 was difficult. I am so ready to step into 2014, with two cuties to kiss at midnight. The past few months I've LOVED setting weekly goals with Landon. It does wonders for our week and spirituality. My daily schedule that I pinned to the hallway wall is also the bees knees. But I'm ready for some big goals and a master sheet to know if we're on track. The concept that I want to channel this year, my word for 2014 is Growth. The world is at my feet. I am cautious of not wanting a life that isn't mine to have, but there are natural talents and abilities in me that need to be expanded. I am a spiritual creature. I want to grow to know my Savior more. I have artistic desires, but set them aside during 2013. I crave books like I do air, but go too long without. I'm ready for this year to be different, focused and intentionally so.

Landon has been such an amazing example to me with setting an example of Growth. He has a clear vision of what he wants from life, and has started asking for it. He is doing amazing things with his social media accounts, blog, and career pursuits. From his example I now fully believe in living by the quote, "You get from life what you have the courage to ask for." Where I would stop at x, he asks from life for x times 10, then works to get it. Perhaps in the future I'll have years where I need to simplify, or do less. But that year will not be this. I want to grow.

My personal 2014 goals ||

Be more comfortable + independent with driving Become more athletic: lifting, running and yoga Have a gym membership/setup all year Be knowledgable of the week's current events and news Purchase art supplies, sketch in the afternoon Purchase an instrument I can love + and progress with: piano or flute? Read a new book a month Resist tanning beds completely Work on Spanish speaking desires again

Cook dinner for us daily Try a new recipe a week Have electronic-free time with Paityn daily / Love her more Keep a daily schedule ++No soda for the rest of the year Prepare emotionally + physically to have another little one (:

Create a desk workspace Invest in an iMac and/or DSLR camera Learn beginner Photoshop techniques and/or InDesign Revisit NASM CPT, become certified by December Publish 52 blogposts a year Register personal URL + blog email

Come to know and love Christ more deeply Finished the Book of Mormon a 2nd time Read the New Testament VT 100% for the next two years

and Our Shared Goals ||

Run a 10K together Get Kyra caught up with Outdoor Gear Hike 10 qualifying Tahoe OGUL Peaks Put together a charitable event, i.e.: a race Move into a cute new place for Landon's new job

Earn credit scores of 740+ [excellent range] Elimante all debt in our lives Never have more than $150 on a credit card Shred credit cards Get Life Insurance Save 5K out of our 20K goal

Have no electronic nights once a week Have more meaningful fasts Enter the temple once a month together Read and study 52 Conference talks Read the scriptures + pray 365 together Send out Birthday Cards for all family members this year


It's a work in progress for the next few days, til we finalize, print and frame these babies!  ♡ 

Most Wonderful Time, Of the Year

We had such an amazing December + Christmas this year filled with so much joy and so many memories.
Her mischievous face as I went to get her out of the car-seat to see the first snowfall of the year. Cue frenzied diaper change on the side of the road

^^straps on baby hats, genius. It would've been off in seconds without. She admitted defeat. Then scowled and drank her bottle
^^Paityn's BFF. until he starts talking. That freaks her out
^^Sugar cookies from the pouch << Mom's homemade cookies.
 ^^Christmas touches around the house
^^side by side playing
^^Christmas Eve dinner all together// Grandpa reading You Are Special
^^Christmas morning at Papa + Mimis

^^ little Christmas fox pjs + Knixson on Christmas morning

I had a night or two where my heart just ached to have a Christmas tree, to be able to buy presents for everyone, to be home in Alaska, to have it all. And at just the right pace this month everything worked out perfectly. We found a little burlap wrapped Christmas tree. I got to go shopping with Avery for our nieces for a few gifts. The next day with Trever + Landon we turned on Elf, wrapped all the presents, then watched with anticipation a few days later on Christmas morning as they shrieked with joy to open everything.

"It's just what I wanted!!" Reagan and Riley as they opened a Cotton Candy Maker Mom and Dad and picked up for them. How nice to be able to sit with Landon's arm around me that Christmas day, watching what it's like for Christmas to unfold for little ones that you love so. I couldn't help but think, "3. Three's a nice number." Those little nieces and Knixson make three babies look good.

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Possibly one of my favorites. This has been such a good example to me of how much memories and family make up Christmas.

Yes, this Christmas was wonderful.

Thanksgiving #4 Together in California!

We had gone back and forth on the idea of doing a really quick drive up to Oregon on Friday, but just couldn't make it work in our heads, or talk Kyndra into it too, so we headed up to Oroville Wednesday night to start the sleepovers. But first had to wait halfway through the night for the UPS man to deliver the VivoBarefoot shoes for Landon. I've never seen the dude so excited about getting mail hah.  We got settled in once we we arrived and and whipped up some Pumpkin Spice Muffins for the morning. I subbed chocolate chips for raisins, obviously

Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, we all got ready for the Fifth Annual Charity Walk.
Landon, ran 9 miles that morning on a trail to a waterfall, then we all headed over to the trail together.
It was perfect weather, and such a fun morning. Once we'd walked the 3 mile loop, we met back at the cars for a little tailgate breakfast.
Afterwards, all of the cousins and sibling's headed off for their feast at their inlaws.
Landon and I joked about driving up to Alaska. but went back to his parent's instead. Naps were had, football was watched and snacks consumed. By the evening, we all had a bonfire + s'mores with some of the family that was back from their Thanksgiving plans.
Paityn showed off that she apparently now knows how to drink through a straw.

Friday morning we woke up at 6, got ready and met up at Marshalls with Andrew and Teresa to do a little Black Friday window shopping. The boys headed off to do a photo session of Landon running in his shoes and Teresa, I and the babes went shopping. Not much was going on in town, Walmart even was boring, so we headed over to Chico. So fun -- Target never lets me down on the happiness meter. I grabbed a few pairs of boot socks and wipes for Paityn haha. We checked out the mall there, where she bought an exciting present for her Andrew. I love having good examples of gift givers. I am not naturally a good gift giver. But when I see people give generous and good gifts I think, "I can do that!" "That talent is in me somewhere!"

That afternoon was Thanksgiving prep -- Landon and I made a pumpkin dessert and helped peel a few potatoes. Then we donned some nicer clothes and gathered together for our Thanksgiving up at Grandpa and Nanu's

We stayed til late. In the morning Landon's buddy from SLC, Mitch, came over. He, being in the middle of a month or so long adventure on the West Coast.  We gave him a mini tour of the town, all watched the last Utah game of the season, and the boys got ready to go on a hike along with Andrew.

Paityn and I napped, then went up with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving pt 2, leftovers. The boys got back after dark. I'm not going to say I was nervous about them. Just good to see them home.
Sunday was little Luke's baby blessing which was so nice to be together for.
Landon I Paityn and Mitch headed back home by mid afternoon, where Mitch would stay the night and take off for Tahoe in the morning

Birthday // Twenty Three!

Any birthday that starts with your baby having to get shots, doesn't sound like a good one. Luckily, Paityn is an absolute trooper, and was great the rest of the day
I had visions of Sprinkles Cupcakes and Palo Alto dancing through my head the months leading up to my birthday. But the closer my birthday got, the more I wanted to have a casual day all together with Landon. Being a big believer in Birthday Eves we started things off the night before -- with lots of treats and cuddling up to monster's university.One of the happiest places in California to me, having never been to Disneyland, is IKEA. So off we went after Paityn's early morning Dr. appt  for breakfast and exploring IKEA for home inspiration

IKEA never disappoints, I'm telling you. I resisted buying all of the plants [to replace the first generation nursery plants] Christmas Decorations + desks. But I finally got baskets for the Expedit changing table, supplies for our newly hatched Teepee idea, and a few candles that are exact dupes for the Anthropologie volcano candle

We played around shopping in Sacramento a little longer then headed home mid afternoon, ready for a birthday linner.

Did I mentioned it rained for my birthday? So awesome. It hadn't rained in months and months. God obviously loves me. Speaking of multiple month long droughts: I was in a sushi drought. It'd been wayyy too long. We tried a cute sushi restaurant near home, and though we were worried we'd picked the wrong place when the Miso soup came out cold and without a spoon, everything else was absolutely delicious. I wasn't even mad that they only had Pepsi.

It was dark and early evening once we finished dinner, but I wasn't quite ready to head home yet. One last stop was in order, Target. All those sweaters I thought I wanted? Yeah they didn't stand a chance once I got to the book section. All my careful birthday money planning went out the window. "I want you and you and you."

And just like that my heart was full.

Halloween: Times Two

We celebrated the month of Halloween all October long // These holidays have too much to offer to just get one night each year!


homemade pumpkin chocolate chip bread, another trip to the Pumpkin Farm, and some fresh apple cider, and a free headband won off of Instagram! which prompted a little nursery photoshoot

Landon and a guy in the ward got together the night before the Halloween Festival to practice a few Eagles songs. They played together outside while all the fun was happening. Did you catch that? a Halloween festival outside. So weird.

for Paityn's First Halloween, she was a bag of loot. Because Landon and I were bank robbers, of course.
We found some gold washi tape at Micheal's and got to work


little cotton candy addict.
Halloween evening perfected the next day, Halloween night, when we went out with some friends. First warm soups for dinner then trick or treating //
Halloween, I love you.
But by now I'm beyond sick of candy corn. And ready for all the chocolate and peppermint combinations Christmas has to offer

Pumpkin Patch + Pie, check!

It's the first weekend of October, which calls for adventures off of our Halloween to do list
 It was mine and Paityn's first trip to a Pumpkin Patch. Luckily there's one not too far away, so we headed off this afternoon for the Bishop's Pumpkin Patch! Landon and I had spend the morning at the gym together, which threw off Paityn's nap schedule, but she was a real team player. We shared a tri tip sandwich for lunch, and spent some fun time checking everything out and watching Paityn's reaction to everything. At 86°F it might not feel like fall outside, but this definitely helped start our Halloween countdown! Along with all of our candy corn pumpkins, of course.

She's such a trooper! Within 2.5 seconds of being buckled into her car seat she was absolutely passed out!
Pumpkin Patch, you were a definite success